References – as requested

By Leah Coutts

I have been asked to supply the references I used for my presentation on motivation – here it is, along with where the books are available to purchase online (the pictures are links):


Clark, F. (1992). Questions and answers: Practical advice for piano teachers.Northfield,Illinois: Instrumentalist Co

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Coats, S. (2006). Thinking as you play: Teaching piano in individual and group lessons. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press.

Guy, S. (2006). If it’s not new and exciting, it’s old and boring. Keyboard Companion, 17(4),30-31.

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Huitt, W. (2001). Motivation to learn: An overview. Retrieved from Educational PsychologyInteractive: Motivation Web site:

Kreader, B. (2000). What do you do with a student who hates to play the piano? Keyboard Companion, 11(1), 5-7.

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Tollefson, M. (2000). How do you motivate a student who is not practicing?Keyboard Companion 11(1), 26-28.

I recommend that all teachers have a library of resources on which to draw to further their insight into learning styles and teaching practices that can further their own teaching.



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