New England Conservatory
290 Huntington Ave.  
Boston,  MA,  02115
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Boston has long been known as "America's walking city." Compact in scale, the city is easy to navigate, with key cultural resources, business districts, and outdoor recreation all within walking distance of the NEC campus. Boston is home to America's first subway system, and comprehensive public transportation makes it easy to travel within and outside the city. All of the arts thrive in Boston, and music in particular holds a place of pride. Everything from early music to cutting-edge bands call Boston home, along with world-renowned institutions like the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The NEC campus is adjacent to the city's most fashionable shopping district, leading directly to a bustling, historic downtown area. With the Charles River as its northern boundary and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the city is surrounded by natural recreation areas that are popular with runners, bicyclists, and sailors--as well as those seeking a quiet escape.

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