Indiana University - Bloomington
Jacobs School of Music  1201 E. Third St 
Bloomington,  IN,  47405
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With classes, friends, food, and academic resources all within walking distance, your residence hall will quickly become your home away from home. IU is known for its sense of community, and you'll find our residence halls to be comfortable, fun, close-knit community environments.

There are 11 residence halls on campus, clustered into three neighborhoods, each with a distinct blend of programs, dining options, amenities, services, and resources.

* Our neighborhoods are like small communities on campus, offering everything you need very close to home. The three residence hall neighborhoods are called Northwest, Central, and Southeast.
* The individual residence halls are at the center of every neighborhood. The halls range from the 14-story, newly renovated Eigenmann to the smaller clusters of low-rise buildings found in neighborhoods such as Collins and Foster.
* Your room will become more than just a place to sleep. It's where you will study, hang out with friends, watch movies, talk on the phone, play games, have study sessions, and check your e-mail. Room sizes and layouts vary from hall to hall, and even from floor to floor. There are four general types: singles, doubles, triples, and suites. The majority of rooms are doubles.
* Learning communities are located throughout the residence halls. You'll live and take classes with students who share your interests, both academically and socially. Essentially, our learning communities help you make friends quickly and let you arrive at IU with a built-in study group.

Regardless of where you live, there are certain things you will find in each residence hall:

* All the basics: beds, desks, chairs, mirrors, rugs, and wardrobes or closets
* High-speed Ethernet connections, telephone service with voicemail, and a cable TV hookup in every room
* Resident assistants on every floor who know about campus resources, organize and coordinate activities, help maintain a safe and supportive floor community, and resolve any conflicts that may arise
* Academic support services including academic advising, tutoring and study-skill workshops, classrooms, and libraries
* Centrally located dining and laundry facilities, computer labs, study lounges, and bike racks
* Hall- and floor-sponsored social, recreational, and cultural programs


Our extensive dining service offers something for everyone including:

* food courts
* all-you-care-to-eat dining rooms
* convenience stores
* cafes
* coffee shops

You'll like the convenience of being able to eat in any dining location, not just the one closest to you. Have lunch near your noon class and enjoy dinner with friends in another part of campus. Food service is available from 7 a.m. to midnight during the week and 9 a.m. to midnight on weekends. There are several meal plans to choose from, each comprised of meal points that can be used at any of the 11 dining locations on campus.

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