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The Scholarship Resource Center (SRC), established at UCLA in 1996, provides scholarship information, resources, and support services to all UCLA students regardless of financial aid eligibility. The SRC does not provide scholarships; rather, we are a "self-service" center that gathers listings and makes them accessible to students who are searching for scholarships and other types of funding, whether need- or merit-based, or administered by public or private agencies. Our on-site library of scholarship books is diverse and comprehensive, and includes the most recently published editions available, and our website offers easy access to numerous scholarship listings from both within and without UCLA. For UCLA students only, we provide access to a scholarship database that is updated yearly, as well as scholarship-related writing assistance, workshops, and scholarship counseling.

Although we primarily assist UCLA's undergraduate students, we offer resources for graduate students as well, and our website and on-site library of scholarship books are available to the public at no charge. No appointment is necessary to access our library or to learn more about how to find scholarships.


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University of Los Angeles - UCLA
The UCLA Department of Music offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Classical Performance, Composition, and Music Education.
Stanford University
The Stanford Department of Music was founded in 1947, but music has been a facet of the University from its inception, when founder Jane Stanford encouraged sacred concerts in Memorial Church.