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Group - The Art of Recording - 8/2 hour sessions $99.00 inclusive.......... Group - The Art of Songwriting - 8/2 hour sessions $99.00 inclusive.......... Dates to be arranged for each Group.......... Private Recording/Songwriting Sessions/Cost Customized Per Project.......... Comments from Past Classes/..... / Is it Luck or the Power of Creative Thinking? I'm posting this with many thanks to Lon for a wonderful workshop. While my intent was to take the course on the basis of its technical merits, I have been touched to a greater extent by both your philosophies of music and life. . . Lon refers to himself as lucky. I think a lot of this luck is believing in yourself. At what point did Lon "discover" his luck--was it Berklee Conservatory, was it in London? Is it karmic or is it nurturing the mind to appropriately take on risks and adeptly handle the challenges? Posted by Paul Petersky.........../ Recording at Lonís Studio is one of the most exhilarating, fun and motivating experiences of my life. Lon and Consti combine professionalism and love to make it a truly rewarding experience. It's evolved in me a passion to sing that I never before would have taken seriously. Posted by Mindy Vickers........../ Yo, Mister VanEaton! You asked us to write a paragraph about the class. I was going to give it to you at your party but forgot, so here it is: Imagine Imagine thereís no crappy music, Itís simple and itís fun, No poor mixes around us, Because we listened to Lon, Imagine all the students recording for eight weeks... Imagine thereís no right or wrong way, And trust in your sixth sense, Learn from what you already know, And hands-on experience, Imagine all the students enlightened one by one...

I am considering attending your workshop. Please contact me with further information. Thank you.
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